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This blog intends to follow the negotiations which will be taking place between the EU and the US, in order to conclude a free trade agrement. This is a major international process with potentially strong impact on numerous aspects, affecting growth, jobs and competitiveness for both parteners and also, possibly, sketching a new configuration of economic power at world level.

This being a multifaceted process the blog will attempt to look at the different areas of impact both at the level of economic sectors affected (aviation, culture, agriculture, intellectual property, etc) and also at the level of international political economy of the future free trade area in relation to emerging countries and inside the multilateral process.


Looking through Categories, you will find information collected from open sources regarding the upcoming sectoral negotiations:

Aviation: Initial position by professionals in this field point to possible sensibilities in the coming negotiations, regarding the ownership of air companies operating across the Atlantic. The EU may well ask the US in the negotiations to give up its golden share of ownership.

Culture/Audiovisual: Has already sparked debates and calls for cultural exceptionalism from the part of the EU, with shaky positions espoused by de Gucht on this matter.

Intellectual Property Rights: This is emerging as a serious matter of negotiation, especially taking into account the previous rejection of ACTA by the European Parliament.

International Political Economy: At this moment, the possible political impact of this partnership on the global balance of power and the multilateral system is only a matter of political position and vision. We will follow the use of political positions, the arguments and the prospective vision that is emerging.

Back to Home, there are regular posts with analyses and opinion on the emerging issues.

The fact finding mission of this blog does not unfold in a theoretical vacuum – yes, there is an underlying framework of thinking, that regards all this immense process as a cultural process. You can find the arguments and the vision under “Why “Cultural affairs?”. This is meant to tye all the loose ends nicely together and keep the whole enterprise inside a neat mold. It does help to extract meanings, make predictions as a new world appears in front of our eyes.


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