History is back for Europe. A view from across the Atlantic.

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July 17, 2013 by Silvana Bolocan

A compelling view over the recent history of the EU and the challenges of the current moment in time. According to the article, the EU goes through a moment of crisis (“a hugely inconvenient state of affairs”) that imposes on it to reconsider its achievements and start scrutinizing the future, postcrisis Europe.

A community torn between the two strong internal forces of nationalism and the quest for post-national political legitimacy, the EU must also face the challenge of shrinking geopolitical relevance and a more lean US involvement in its favour. It must re-enter “history”, or put simply, assume a solid standing in foreign policy. Its advantages in this process are the exercise to confront “its ghosts and its temptations”, along with being a “generally hardworking, innovative, tolerant and well-educated place”.

The starting of negotiations on the future TTIP has already raised awareness that the EU will have to go through a process of opening and adaptation – which may be brutal, but absolutely necessary to bring the continent out of its complacency and onto the shores of the future.



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