Political voices against the free trade opening: the French Greens

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July 16, 2013 by Silvana Bolocan

“Europe stands to lose more than it has to gain from these trade talks” as “the United States today is trying to steamroller its economic model into Europe”, believes Yannick Jadot, Vice-president of the EP’s International Trade Committee. Europe stands to lose from the coming trade negotiations because it does not have a “common economic policy, nor a common industrial policy” – which means that the fragmentation characteristic to Europe may be confronted by strong, solid and sizeable US companies, with potentially monopolistic market tendencies.

Fragmentation describes best the EU internal market, despite political calls in the Council and determined action by the European Commission. The concerns voiced by these politicians make sense, when one thinks of the prospect of a future clash between the “new world”, recently built around a civic engagement and the “old world”, of numerous histories, traditions and cultures. Instead of fencing itself off from the world, the EU would gain more to start a forward thinking process along policy lines, to prepare for this evolution and avoid negative consequences, to protect its own heritage and attempt to make the most of it. The EU needs leadership and a pragmatic approach to all the concerns of its citizens, based on a serious sectorial analysis of risks and opportunities.



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