“The stars are aligned today” – an agreement strongly backed by communities on both sides of the Atlantic

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June 13, 2013 by Silvana Bolocan

Just one day before the EU ministers of foreign affairs meet to agree on a mandate to launch negotiations for a transatlantic free trade area, the business communities on both sides of the Atlantic launch a passionate plea to political decision makers.

The arguments employed are far reaching in favour of the agreement: business communities and consumers alike need it to spur growth and jobs, to open opportunities that would reverse the negative economic trends which affected so many citizens. As they put it, it is a moral duty to all these citizens, and especially the youth, for the member states to reach and agreement and tackle this opportunity with seriousness.

It remains to be seen if this call by the business community will be matched by the will of political decision makers. As it appears at the moment, the last sticking point in negotiations is the French call backed by the European Parliament and members of the cultural industry, to exclude completely the audio-visual sector from the future negotiations. Another point that some European states fear is the issue of investment protection, which they feel might lead to the expansion of the US’s aggressive litigious corporate culture into Europe.



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