The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise claim major role in opening up trade talks

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April 30, 2013 by Silvana Bolocan

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise has had a primary role in bringing about discussions for a free-trade agreement between the EU and the USA. Opposition has been compact, but a breakthrough has enabled negotiations to start by the summer.

Many were looking over our shoulders, saying we were being economically and  politically naive,” noted Niklas Bergström, International Coordinator, and  former Director of the Confederation’s Brussels office.

But now there is a new tone. The idea has gained traction on the highest  political levels. US President Barack Obama has expressed his approval for  greater free trade. And formal negotiations can start as early as this  summer. ”This would be the largest trade policy agreement since the  multi-lateral trade system GATT was established in the 1940s. If the  Confederation of Swedish Enterprise had not promoted this idea, it would not  have come so far this fast, in all modesty,” noted Olof Erixon,  International Trade Policy Expert.


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